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We’re dedicated to doing good things, and making it easy for you to earn money for your cause.

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Raising Funds

KarmaLaunch allows you to easily create a shirt, share your message, and earn money for promoting your cause. Our social media tools make it easy for you to connect with passionate people in just a few clicks. We handle the all fulfillment, while you watch your campaign go viral.

easily create shirts


Select a style, create a shirt, set your price, and launch campaign.

social media sharing


Share your creation with friends, followers and fans. Go viral.

fulfillment is free


Fans place their orders online and we handle all the fulfillment.

earn money with shirts


Request a check to collect your funds and put them to good use.

Ready to earn money? Learn why t-shirts and fundraising are a match made in heaven. Find out.

Crowdfunding with a Conscience

Free & easy to promote goodness and earn donations.

Building Your Campaign

Our platform offers an in-depth design tool allowing you to easily create amazing shirts by uploading your own image or choosing an image from our clipart library. You set a fundraising goal for the campaign, select the sale price of your shirt and spread the word on social media. Once your campaign is complete KarmaLaunch prints and ships your products, then sends you a check for the money earned. Learn more.


Choose a style and color shirt from hundreds of options.


Use clipart or upload an image; change colors and add text.


Set goals; number of shirts and cost. See projected earnings.


Add a title, set the duration of your campaign and hit launch.

animal rescue

Vafa Animal Shelter

KarmaLaunch helps save our rescue dog's lives!

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate injured and abandoned animals outside of Tehran. We then help find them forever homes abroad. Working with KarmaLaunch and raising money to support airlifting our rescue dogs to Canada and the U.S. has been a dream come true for all of us.

—Maryam F.
community action

SOLOS - Rancho Murieta, CA

Awareness off the charts!

We suddenly found ourselves under the thumb of a developer trying to build on our open land. We worked with KarmaLaunch to build an awareness campaign, and wow, it worked! We raised money to spread the word, and now 25% of our town is part of our SOLOS movement!

—Linda K.
family t-shirts

Chew Family Reunion

We uploaded a design and KarmaLaunch did everything else. So easy!

We chose KarmaLaunch, out of many other websites, to print and ship our t-shirts for our huge family reunion this summer. We were really impressed with the quality of the t-shirts we received and thrilled at how easy the site was to use. Thank you again for sharing in our special day.

—Linda W.

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