Challenge: What good thing did you offer the world today?

Do your beliefs align with ours?

We believe in measuring our success by the positive effects our platform brings to our partners, designers and community at large. We believe in nurturing a culture of inclusion, respect and camaraderie. We believe in striking an equitable distribution of funds where the efforts of our partners and designers are rewarded. We believe in building a platform that values the time and effort necessary to build an effective fundraising campaign. We believe in maintaining a well-thought-out product roadmap that supports our mission.

Feeling good so far? These aren't wacky, unattainable concepts. They’re the fundamental building blocks of creating something meaningful, impactful and truthful. All too often treated as throw-away words at some other companies, but not ours. We actively and purposefully avoid chasing shiny pennies that prove to be worthless distractions more often than not. We hire only the very best people and work with the best printers. Not surprisingly, those two practices eliminate the need to hire more customer service people than engineers just to clean up the mess. We don’t build soulless facades tauting our success, when that money can be used to accomplish things with actual impact and meaning. We don’t stroke each other’s egos or preach from the mount. We do a good, honest day’s (and night’s) work, and take pride in the relationships we build and maintain. If any of this is resonating, please take a look at our open positions and send us an email. Be prepared to discuss some specifics from our "Do" list below.


  • wake up with a smile
  • kiss some form of animal at least once a day
  • volunteer your time
  • make good use of your passions
  • surround yourself with positivity
  • try to understand your dreams
  • answer the phone when a friend is in need
  • teach and be taught
  • have an opinion and want to talk about it
  • be a good neighbor
  • love something
  • be a builder
  • embrace your inner-you
  • track your own personal karma bank balance
  • wish someone a good day just because
  • promote goodness even when nobody is looking

Do not…

  • be an asshole (or an asshat as long as we're being specific)
  • prefer spiders over bunnies
  • pre-judge, anything
  • drive a hummer
  • argue just to hear your own voice
  • be an emo introvert
  • be "that guy or girl"
  • embrace the green eyed monster
  • automatically think the worst of someone
  • try to be perfect

NetOps & Development


Looking for folks who vividly (you know, like sweaty) dream about these things - cloud computing (PaaS, IaaS), automated configuration, WebDriver, continuous integration/deployment, linux, nginx

Let's Chat

Front-End Engineer

If you choose to dream (and not like Ambien “oh I also made a quiche at 3:00am” dream...) a useful dream about ansible, nginx, mongo, mvc, modularity, node, agile, extreme programming and fullstack { "fullstack", "full stack", "full-stack" } javascript development… call us immediately for de-programming and a ride in our white van. Once you're better, let's talk about a job.

Let's Chat

Operations & Customer Care

Content Management Specialist

Dear E! Entertainment + SCIENCE Channel + History Channel + Discovery Channel + The Soup enthusiast + you have a cookie from any number of copyright sites. Looking to transform into a content management soldier comprised of 25% traffic cop, 25% teacher, 25% lawyer and 26% awesome human (that's our definition of a 1%'er)?

Let's Chat

Director of Customer Care - Filled

Creating a series of familiar words to describe the type of Customer Care Director we're seeking would be 38% fool's errand. We want you to lead with your heart. Period (for emphasis). Perceive this position as you will, but please know that we value it as one critical to our success. Your demeanor, tone, and style will forever be part of the KarmaLaunch fabric. Now that you know heart is #1, what else is left? Ah, yes. Your brain. It's like The 405 + The Circle + I-395 constantly merging into one uber-highway 24/7. A nightmare senario for some? Sure, but not for you. You let your heart drive your very special brain to make sense of it all (without needing to swing a 9-iron at someone who has been tailgating you for miles). When many companies are off-shoring their support to non-employees, your heart+brain knows every penny spent supporting your customers is a dollar earned in new business. Make sense now? If not, this job is certainly not for you.

Maker, Decorator & Embellishment Specialist - Filled

So, sometimes you feel like a nut… sometimes you don't. We're not here to judge. You love to get your hands filthy dirty mixing inks, pulps, and acrylics in the Maker world, yet your inner-kitten demands that you also fulfill the super passionate Maker liaison/voice/champion role?

Marketing & Advertising

Advertising Solutions Master - Filled

If you're obsessed with building the perfect online advertising model to engage a pro-karma social network model that addresses awareness+advertising+audience-building+conversion+budget-friendly+demographic+affinity, we want to talk.

Sales &Business Development

VP of BD/Sales - Filled

Have you ever confided to your therapist that you feel like a Brundlefly of sales, product knowledge, scale, margins, brand, and obsessive calendar use? Were you shocked to hear your therapist had no reference for the term, “Brundlefly”? If so, you know the drill.


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